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Person of interest: Debbie Jones of French Laundry Home

It’s made in the USA, but Debbie Jones calls her distinctive collection French Laundry Home. Inspired by vintage textiles, her bedding, bath textiles, and table linens are crafted by North Carolina artisans using soft, subtly textured linen/cotton blends. Her resist-printed patterns range from classic ticking stripes and plaids to graceful damask designs and toiles that look like delicate pen-and-ink drawings. And her colors have a restrained quality that evokes heirloom textiles handed down through generations.

Our Q&A with Debbie Jones:

How did you become a designer?

“My mom introduced me to miniatures when I was 6, and I began designing room settings and drawing blueprints. My first dollhouse furniture, which I still have, was upholstered in all sorts of great fabrics.”

What inspired your fascination with vintage textiles?

“In the 1990s, I starting collecting vintage barkcloth, especially the tropical prints with black backgrounds. I also fell in love with the tablecloths of the ‘40s and ‘50s.”Block-print napkins

How did you choose linen/cotton?

“I love natural fabrics. I wanted to recreate ‘feedsack’ fabric, which was all linen, but I needed to add cotton to give it the ‘hand’ of the washed original sacks. My fabrics are machine washable but with cold water, gentle cycle.”


What is your favorite bedroom color?

“I love rich khaki. I like to change my bed linens with the seasons, so it’s nice to have a somewhat neutral palette to work with.”

What’s your favorite thing in your bedroom?

“A side table I created with a stack of vintage suitcases, topped with an old ‘hotel silver’ room-service tray. It holds books, lots of magazines, and pictures of my kids.”

How many pillows on your bed, and where do they go at night?

“Thirteen. The decorative ones spend the night on a bench at the foot of the bed.”

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